Friday, September 4, 2009

Oxley Creek Common - Secret Forest

If you've ever been to the Rocklea markets, you've probably seen the windmill and the big red barn in a paddock off Sherwood Road and wondered what it is. Well, what you're looking at is part of Oxley Creek Common, and the gorgeous red barn is the visitor information shed!

In addition to its picturesque red barn (which deserves a post of its own at a later date), Oxley Creek Common has a well maintained walking trail through wattle dominated scrub high up on the creeks banks. This is no bush track though, you could comfortably drive a car along it, and cycling is permitted. The track meanders along for about a kilometer and a half and then forks, with "Pelican Island" to the left and "The Secret Forest" straight ahead.

From the track Pelican Island didn't look like much, so we chose to head to The Secret Forest (and who could resist with a name like that...). This meant a further 500m or so walk. As you approach the Secret Forest you enter a flat grassy plain broken only by the winding walking track.

In reality, the Secret Forest is a rather small stand of Hoop Pines, but being inside it is quite a magical experience. The stillness, the birdsong, the play of light and shadow through the canopy. And the pines are just soooo tall and majestic.

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